Thais Henriquez a Canarian mermaid


Thaïs Henríquez (born 29 October 1982 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) is a synchronized Swimmer of the Spanish National Team. Doble Olympic Medalist in London’12 and Beijing’08, Triple Silver Medal in World Championship BCN2013.

Since childhood Thais was connected with sport. Since she was three years old she went to summer swimming courses but also had time to go to gymnastics, ballet and basketball. At the age of 11 decided to try tennis, where she won the five tournaments at the CN Metropole.

Thais combined the sync and tennis until age 14. After her participation in her first Sync Championships in Spain, her coach in CN Metropole Loudmila Lapina, asked her to choose a sport to devote all the time and train more, so she bet on the sync.

Thaïs is one of the best synchronized swimmers in the world. In the following video you can watch Thaïs in action.

Thaïs Henriquez medal record

Synchronized swimming
Olympic Games
Silver2008 BeijingTeam
Bronze2012 LondonTeam
World Championships
Gold2009 RomeFree combination
Silver2009 RomeTeam technical
Silver2009 RomeTeam free
Silver2013 BarcelonaTeam technical
Silver2013 BarcelonaTeam free
Silver2013 BarcelonaRoutine combination
Bronze2011 ShanghaiTeam technical
Bronze2011 ShanghaiTeam free
European Championships
Gold2012 DebrecenTeam
Gold2012 DebrecenCombination
Silver2010 BudapestTeam
Silver2010 BudapestCombination
Silver2014 BerlinCombination routine
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