General Medicine

medical services in Meloneras


The general practice consultation is oriented to the integral approach of the patient who comes for any reason of consultation. An specific evaluation of the problem that afflicts the patient will be performed. Once this review is completed, the detection and identification of risk factors for latent or potential diseases in the short, medium and long term will proceed.


- Check
- Control
- Recipe
- Recipe residents
- Oral medication
- Aerosol with medication
- Electrocardiogram
- Oxygen therapy
- Serotherapy




The nursing service is responsible for taking care of the health of many of our patients with actions such as blood pressure check, extraction of blood samples, wound cures and ulcers, stitches, different types of tests, as well as assistance to medical procedures.


- Injection with simple or special medicine
- Self or resident injection
- Small, medium and large cures
- Stitches
- Glucotest and comburtest
- Ear Wash
- Eye wash
- Power take-off
- Urinary catheter

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