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Lip Fill

Aesthetic Mecine Services

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A beautiful and defined mouth improves the overall appearance of the face and rejuvenates its expression. Thanks to the more advanced treatments it is possible to work the volume and the form in a subtle way, obtaining significant results but not excessively evident.


- Increases natural-looking lip volume
- Define the contour of the lips
- Greater hydration and elasticity in the lips

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Aesthetic Mecine Gran Canaria


This technique improves the appearance of wrinkles and flaccid skin, provides greater luminosity and smoothness to the skin. Usually applied to the face and buttocks, the tensioning threads achieve very natural results with a non-invasive technique.


- Results are immediate
- No hospitalization required
- Firming and rejuvenating the skin

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Treatment with Vitamins

Aesthetic Medicine Services


With age, the skin loses smoothness and elasticity. The treatment with vitamins is a technique of rejuvenation, toning and revitalization of the skin, through the direct application of vitamins, hyaluronic acid and minerals.


- Juicy texture and healthy appearance
- Removes small wrinkles
- Brighter and rejuvenated face

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Body Mesotherapy

Aesthetic Medicine Services


It is an effective treatment to tone the skin, combat cellulite and fat deposits that accumulate in specific areas.


- Reductive.
- Reaffirming.
- Hair

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Genital Aesthetics

Aesthetic Medicine Services


Genital Aesthetics encompasses a series of procedures that aim to improve the appearance of both female and male sexual organs.


- Improved self-esteem
- Improve personal relationships
- No need for hospitalization

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Hand Care

Aesthetic Medicine Services


The filling is carried out when the hands become thin, thin and with the veins marked. This process is quick and painless and it returns to the skin the lost volume and improve elasticity and hydration.


- It gives the skin its good appearance
- Provides a uniform color
- It considerably improves the texture and the quality of the skin

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Facial Treatments

Aesthetic Medicine Services


Our face is by far the most visible and exposed part of our body. With age, sun exposure, environmental pollution, acne ... marks can appear on our face that make it look worn and lose its smoothness. The latest advances in techniques and facial treatments allow to restore the natural appearance to the face, recovering its volume and brightness, correcting those imperfections with simple interventions and painless.


- Botulinum toxin type A
- Facial Mesotherapy
- Rinomodelación
- Surface / medium peeling
- Lifting with polydioxanone mini-wires (PDO)
- Fillings
- Hyaluronic acid
- Hydroxyapatite calcium (Radiesse)
- Micro Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy)
- Plasma Rich in Growth Factors
- Facial Bioplasty (Patients with Lipodystrophy Face) quality of the skin

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